What are the pros and cons of online shopping?


We are living in an age of technology, where people are now shopping online instead of visiting a store. Below are some of the pros and cons of online shopping:


Convenience: You can now do your weekly shop online and get it delivered straight to you door without leaving the house.

Cost-effective: It is now much cheaper to buy online than visit the shop. There are also more deals available online meaning you can save even more money.

Time management: There is now no need to spend time going shopping, you can avoid queuing and spending time finding a parking space. Shopping online allows you to manage your time effectively so you get all your jobs done.

24/7 access: You can shop online anytime of day, it can fit in and around your schedule so there is no need to worry about opening and closing times.


Postage and packaging: You have to pay a postage and package fee, which doesn’t work out cheaper than visiting the store.

Security: Many people are scammed online when they use their credit card online as many websites are unsecure, which therefore makes internet security questionable.

Page limited: You are limited to how many items are listed on each page, which takes time to upload.

Takes time: If you have a slow connection, it can take a very long time to browse, select and pay.

Credit card only: You can only shop online if you have a credit card which the website accepts, so you can’t pay by cheque or cash.