Could kombucha tea make you healthier?


Kombucha is a drink made by fermenting tea. The basic ingredients are tea, sugar, water and a kombucha culture. Done right, you can achieve a range of amazing flavours that taste amazing. The flavour can vary depending on what type of tea and herbal infusions that you choose to use.

Kombucha usually contains less than 0.5% alcohol, which means kombucha isn’t classed as an alcoholic beverage. In the past the drink may have contained from 1%-1.5% alcohol depending on the brewing time or the sugar and yeast levels used but that’s not the case today.

The best teas to use with kombucha are:

  • Green tea – this is a great tea to use as a base for creating kombucha because of its strong but delicate flavour.
  • Black tea – this tends to have a dark amber colour to it but has a quite strong flavour.
  • White tea – this is the most expensive of the three but is most known for producing the lightest and most flowery fermented beverage.

Many studies have shown that kombucha tea has the power to heal and assists with maintaining a healthy gut. It is a highly nutritional drink that is crammed with nutritional goodness and beneficial health properties. It also works for levelling out your bodies PH levels. However it’s worth noting that if you are under any medication you should consult your doctor/GP before consuming it. A vast amount of sugar content is removed during the fermation process however if you are diabetic it is recommended that you avoid kombucha.

Kombucha scoby

The name scoby initially came from the acronym “symbiotic colony of bacteria yeast”. Kombucha cultures are occasionally known as mushrooms however they are not technically a fungi. The acidic and mild alcoholic content of the popular health drink means that it is able to resist contamination by airborne mould or bacteria spores, this means it is generally easy to maintain as a culture outside sterile conditions.