Creating the perfect ambience for your lifestyle, the many types of contemporary lighting


A valuable source that can be manipulated in so many different ways to create varying effects to reflect a particular mood, influence or dynamic pronunciation of an architectural feature within your home or living space, light or lighting plays an important role and is one aesthetical aspect of any domicile that, with the correct application, can create wondrous results.

Design has played a key role in the way light is interpreted, throughout most of the twentieth century and most prominently up to present day. Many of the world’s most revered designers have brought us a desirable array of fascinating and innovative ways to cast the right amount of light, creating a comprehensive spectrum of lighting effects, some of which can be altered throughout the day, evening or night to continually change the ambience of a room, corridor, vestibule, kitchen or lounge.

It is the dedication and commitment of specialist experts who, using their extensive knowledge and close relationships with designers across the world, that is responsible for how we choose the perfect lighting to match our lifestyles and contemporary lighting offers some of the most unique and exciting luminous displays for your home that are simply more than just a way to illuminate your home.

From all of the world’s designers, arguably Italy has provided some of the most passionate. Presenting flair and imagination for contemporary design, the likes of Contardi, Poltrona Frau, Cattelan Italia and Giorgetti each offer a fabulous selection of stunning designs that will totally transform the way you consider lighting within your residence. Available from one of the UK’s leading stockists, Interior Supply has forged the perfect relationships with Europe’s leading contemporary designers to brighten your expectations and light the way to making your home spectacularly inviting.