The best envelopes for you

If you’re visiting the post office regularly to send your customers catalogues, information, or even invites, you want to make sure your recipients are drawn to open that envelope. A sure-fire way to get them to look at your mail first is by making a statement with your envelope.

Business needs

gold envelopes
It’s something often overlooked by small businesses who are trying to make a name for themselves. Sending mail out to various points of contact everyday isn’t the most thrilling of exercises. However you could spice that up with some different coloured envelopes, different sized choices and even a variation in design! This is sure to get you more excited about sending out your products, brochures and letters.
If you’re a business looking for work or want to be involved or noticed by another, why not make your first point of contact stand out?

Metallic envelopes

Metallic envelopes are sure to make a statement once they make it through the letterbox, as they look impressive and elegant. You could get all festive with gold envelopes in the run up to Christmas! Or what about that cool, modern look of metallic silver and blue?
Depending on the kind of impression you’re looking to make, you could opt for custom made envelopes, or simply choose a colour to fit in with your brand. Perhaps you might opt for something really exquisite and make your recipients excited about receiving their mail from the postman.

Available in all popular mailing sizes, you can make envelopes fully customisable with peel and seal strips along both the short or long side and you can choose between 120gsm and 150gsm paper.