4 smoking tips to help you quit before Christmas

The time has never been better to take those steps to stop smoking. The legacy of ‘Stoptober’ – a public health initiative to help people quit over the course of October – is still going strong. Plus Christmas provides a positive time to aim for.

Being a Christmas quitter is a good thing!

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When you set yourself the goal of giving up, or a least cutting down on cigarettes before Christmas – you can expect big benefits. You’ll be able to enjoy Christmas gatherings in a whole new light! Get ready to be involved in the fun without being worried about the smell of smoke or having to go for a cigarette. People will be proud and you’ll have saved money too, giving you all the more reason to treat yourself to something festive!

With our top tips, you can begin the journey of becoming smoke-free, fast:

1)      Think positive – you may have tried to quit before, but tell yourself that it is this time you will succeed!

2)      Make yourself motivated – when you give up smoking, you not only benefit your health, but the health of those around you. Carry perhaps a little note from or picture of a loved one with you: you’re doing this for them too!

3)      Keep moving – In the time it takes to have a cigarette you can easily instead go for a brisk 5-minute walk. This not only gets endorphins going but relieves cravings too!

4)      Opt for electric – a number of e cigarette models are available which provide a satisfying alternative to cigarettes, without the chemicals and tar!

An e cig can be the ultimate boost!