Social media and Pay Per Click – make it add up

The most used social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter, with monthly active users totalling a massive one billion eight hundred six million it’s no surprise that these platforms can mean fail or prosper for your business.

With everyday users, the reach for your business online is infinite. But because the internet is such a vast world of data, it’s easy for your website to be a small fish in a big pond, but with the right marketing and advertising techniques your business can rank high in search results and reach a wider audience.

Pay Per Click

pay per click management Lancashire

Pay Per Click is a process whereby an advertiser places an advertisement on a website and pays a certain amount of money monthly to the host website when a user clicks on the advertisement. This process alone doesn’t work well, but with optimised SEO and link building, the likelihood of adverts being clicked and thus increasing revenue is greatly increased.

Social sharing

Because of the huge popularity of Facebook and Twitter, they soon clocked on that people could make money from their sites. They can offer to boost your posts and promote your Tweets, making them appear at the top of news feeds and on their homepages. Using social media without paying the sites can also be beneficial, as long as your site has SEO optimisation, it will continue to get noticed and earn revenue from PPC.

If you’re looking for a service than can do all this hard work for you, Ranking Solutions offer packages tailored to you and your business needs. They specialise in pay per click management Lancashire to ensure your website reaches the top on all the popular search sites.