3 brilliant things you may not know about pigs

Pigs are fascinating creatures, yet often get little attention or are dismissed because of associations with them being ‘greedy’ and ‘smelly’. In reality, pigs are clean animals and when raised to high standards, are intelligent and interesting animals. There are many varieties throughout the world, and they are obviously seen as an important animal in China, where the Year of The Pig is celebrated.

Rather than think of pigs, it is easy to think of what they provide – many people’s favourite meats – bacon and ham. But it is important that we give these creatures a bit of consideration in return.

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No porkies – amazing pig facts!

1)      Swimming pigs! – On an Island in the Bahamas called Big Major Cay, a collection of aquatic pigs have been reported! The pigs live on the land but are known to venture out into the sea, even approaching passing boats in the hope of a snack!

2)      Pigs play video games – a university in the Netherlands has developed a game it has called ‘pig chase’, involving a series of lights which animals can follow – kind of like the form of a video game. Pigs are known to be highly successful at playing the game!!

3)      Pigs in medicine – pigs have some genetic similarities to humans, especially in relation to the size of some of their organs. Medical advances have been made using the tissue from pigs, including the transplantation of pig heart valves into humans.

Going the whole hog

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