3 Yorkshire-inspired meal ideas you need to try

When people think of Yorkshire, thoughts of rolling fields and quaint villages often come to mind. After all, it’s a county with plenty to be proud; including two National Parks, The Three Peaks, an agricultural legacy… and a fine food tradition! Yorkshire food often invites responses of delight: because it is known to be so warm and wholesome. It is the type of food you can imagine being served up in farmhouses after a hard day of work. It’s comfort food at its finest – no-nonsense, simple and definitely satisfying. That is why planning a meal with a bit of Yorkshire inspiration can be so good: as it brings in relaxation as well as something to relish.  Why not consider the following options:

Hog Roast Doncaster

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  • A stuffed Yorkshire – Yorkshire puddings are firm favourites and relatively easy to make; all you need is some batter mix and a suitable mould. Or you can just buy pre-prepared ones. These lovelies are delicious when filled with vegetables and gravy, and make a quick meal idea too!
  • Wensleydale cheese scones – savoury scones are often much more exciting than bread and make an ideal accompaniment to soup: extra good if you are looking to impress someone. Simply make up some scone mix minus the sugar and stir in plenty of grated Wensleydale, plus some herbs to season.
  • A Hog roast – locally-reared pork is one of the prime meats you can enjoy in Yorkshire, whilst a whole roast is seen as an ancient delicacy. Fortunately there are many specialist roasting services available in order to bring this impressive meal idea to you! It makes an ideal party catering option which is sure to keep many mouths full!

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