5 amazing facts about the London Underground

The famous ‘tube’ or London underground system is known for its fast trains, descending escalators and work-day ‘squeezes’. It’s also a magnificent feat of engineering: both in terms of the construction of the past and how it is maintained in the present. It can be easy to take the tube for granted, especially for those who live and work in London, but it’s important to take some time to consider how remarkable it is!

man and van London

Going underground

The London Underground is an extensive system, involving multiple lines and stops – so there is so much to find out about it.

1)      2.7 million Tube journeys, on average, are made every single day! It is the most popular form of public transport in London!

2)      In the morning rush hour, some stations certainly get busier than others. Waterloo is estimated to be the busiest, with an estimated 50,000 passing through in the three hour morning rush!

3)      The journey between West Ruislip and Epping, on the central line, is one of the longest complete journeys you can take on the tube. It is an impressive 54.5 kilometres long!

4)      There are links to Harry Potter! The headmaster Dumbledore, at Hogwarts, has a scar on his knee which is shaped like the London underground and Platform 9 ¾ can be found at King’s Cross Station!