Lancashire’s long relationship with pork

The county of Lancashire is known for its hearty food, especially meat products. You may well have heard of Lancashire hot pot, corned beef hash – and of course – what is known as the Bury Black pudding!

Is black pudding the most iconic pork product?

Hog Roast Catering in Lancashire

Love it or hate it, Lancashire certainly has a long tradition when it comes to both producing and selling the black pudding. It is a large sausage, black in colour, made from blood, offal and fat – often enjoyed fried as part of an English breakfast. And some people swear that the Lancashire version is the best!

Black pudding is thought to have first came o the UK through travelling monks from Europe who called the puddings ‘blutwurst’, meaning ‘blood sausage’. These monks first visited Yorkshire, but it was when they travelled and visited Lancashire that the popularity of these sausages really took off. Since then, black puddings have often been a staple in butcher’s shops and are sold as an iron-rich, affordable and tasty food.

A particularly famous version is the Bury Black pudding, which sells successfully around the world! Many think that the secret to Lancashire’s long-standing appeal as fine producer of pork products is because of high quality pig rearing standards, including open fields and quality fodder.

Be part of the pork positivity

Lancashire doesn’t just provide excellent black puddings either. In fact, some providers are aiming to prove that the whole pig is a quality product – illustrated through a hog roast. A whole roast pig is an ideal way to celebrate complete quality meat, and is a trendy cooking style allowing for succulent pulled pork. A prime provider of Hog Roast Catering in Lancashire is The Pendle Pig and for more information you can visit the website at –