3 key tips when searching for the ultimate lingerie gift

Sexy lingerie can be the absolute best Christmas present for a lady to receive from their partner – if they get it right! It can be super exciting and can even provide the chance to heat things up in the bedroom, making her feel sexy and confident.  However, it has come to our attention that many people are opting to purchase alternative Christmas gifts as they are simply too scared to get it wrong or even worse – upset their partner.

Sexy lingerie

According to marketing expert Rebecca Wright from Ultimo there are three main factors to take into consideration when seeking to purchase lingerie for your partner. If you are considering buying lingerie as a gift, ensure you know these 3 things before setting off:

  1. Know her size. This could possibly be the most important thing for you to know at this crucial time. To avoid offending and possibly embarrassing your lover, make sure you get both her cup size and brief size correct. If you don’t know these sizes, don’t worry – simply have a sneaky peak in her underwear drawer!
  2. Get the style right. Keep in mind, the gift is for her, not you – you might think that it is a good idea to choose something completely crazy but it is usually a good idea to stick to styles that you have seen  your partner wearing before as they are probably what she’s comfortable wearing.
  3. Know her colour. Similar to getting the style right, when choosing what colour lingerie to get your partner – simply think back to something she has worn before – a time when she both looked and felt great.

Another reason why men all over the UK are avoiding buying lingerie this year is because they feel uncomfortable going into lingerie stores. This is why utilising online stores such as My-Knickers can be the best idea as it will allow you to browse at your own speed, in the comfort of your own home – without feeling as though you have to rush because you’re being watched. To view their exquisite lingerie outfits visit – www.my-knickers.com