Top 10 BB gun safety tips

When it comes to using airsoft or a bb gun, it is most important that you put safety before anything else in order to experience the most enjoyable time possible. With these carefully selected top ten safety tips we hope that we can enable you to have lots of not only fun.

Safe fun

BB guns

  1. Always treat guns as if they are loaded – the worst mistake that you could make is assuming that a gun is not. Be cautious at all times
  2. Before shooting at a target ensure that the surrounding area is completely clear – take your time to check and do not rush
  3. Keep your finger well away from the trigger of your gun until you know it’s safe to fire.
  4. Protect your eyes! This can be done using a mask or a pair of goggles (Available from most airsoft and BB gun stores)
  5. Be aware of the surface that you are shooting as some surfaces make BB pellets bounce more easily. Also watch your angle so you know where your pellet will land
  6. Don’t carry your BB gun in any public place as others may mistake it for a real gun
  7. When climbing or jumping do not carry a loaded gun as it could lead to it going off without any warning
  8. Look after your gun and if it gets dirty, clean it. A damaged or dirty gun is likely to cause worse injury if an accident should happen
  9. Only use new ammo  in your BB guns, it isn’t expensive and doing so will ensure that they last the longest period of time possible
  10. Keep your bb gun in a safe place

If after reading these tips you are excited to get started, the first thing that you may need to do is to purchase your equipment.