Spring-piston Airguns

Cheap to buy and easy to use spring-piston airguns are probably the most popular type of airgun, and are definitely the option that all beginners head right for. To charge these guns all that you have to do is with one hand hold the stock and with the other break the airgun open at the breech. When fired, the piston uses the power of the spring, pushing air in a forward direction and, propelling the pellet through the barrel.

air pistols

These guns, like all others, come in a wide variety for example some have fixed barrels which allows for alignment to be constant, providing great accuracy for all shooters. Self-contained, spring-piston air guns do not require pumps or divers in order to charge, this really does make them an ideal choice, not only for beginners, but also hunters who spend long periods of time out in fields. Another benefit of this type of gun is that they are easy to service, with many people even being able to service themselves from their house with very little equipment.

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