5 Reasons Why Hydroponic Growing Beats Traditional Soil Growing

If you are thinking about switching from traditional soil growing to hydroponic growing, you definitely should!

And here are five reasons why

hydroponics equipment

  1. You will be granted to opportunity to grow more produce in a smaller space, allowing you to grow not only a greater amount of produce, but also a greater variety. This is because plants no longer need huge root systems to search for nutrients; instead they get all of their needed nutrients directed straight to their roots using nutrient rich solutions.
  2. Hydroponic growing helps to save water and instead of the majority of water being wasted, hydroponics systems reuse the same water over and over again resulting in up to 90% of water being saved.
  3. There’s a lower chance of pests and diseases as the majority of these issues when growing come from the soil, which is no longer needed.
  4. You are provided with ultimate, total control. You become the master of your plants and get to control nutrient intake, temperature, humidity and much more.