5 Tips Before Buying A Safe

Eurograde safes

Everybody loves to have valuable possessions that mean something to you. Whether you had saved up and spent a lot of money to buy them or had them passed down generations to you, you want to keep them as safe as you can. It’s sad to think that these days keeping such items in your house isn’t secure enough but that is the truth. If you try to insure valuable items you’ll most likely be asked if you’re keeping them in a safe and if not should consider doing so, not only is it safer but often brings down the cost of insurance too.

Before running and buying the first safe you see though here are 5 simple things you should consider when looking.

  1. Insurance

Make sure you check with your insurance company what grade safe you are covered for before purchasing. Eurograde safes come in numerous different grades each one covering you for a different value of cash and objects

  1. Contents

You will need to consider what you are planning on keeping in your safe, its total value will contribute to deciding what grade of safe you buy just like the insurance. Common things that are kept in home safes often include jewellery, passports, and expensive gadgets. Once you have worked out what you are planning on storing in it, you will know what grade you need.

  1. Location

Location is an important factor that you will need to consider when buying a domestic safe. The location of your safe plays a contributing factor in which safe you need to purchase. It is quite often advised that heavy safes are not stored upstairs as their weight can sometimes do damage to the flooring. All safes should always be bolted down through the base or towards the back of them in order to provide full security for your valuables. Bolts need to go in to a wooden floor joist or a concrete floor or wall so if your desired location doesn’t have any of these then you will need to find a more suitable position for it.

  1. Budget

As with anything you buy the cost will always be important. It is a good idea to set a rough budget before you start looking at safes as a lot of websites let you choose settings to either narrow your search by budget or list products in price order. This makes it quicker for you to narrow down safes that fit within your budget.

  1. Locking Options

If you haven’t bought a safe before you probably won’t realise how many different locking options are available. From key locks to electronic locks, each locking option offers different benefits. Before you choose your locking option you should take these things into consideration so you can open your safe using the best method for you.