Beginners Guide to Hydroponics

Many people are now getting rid of growing with soil and turning to hydroponics, hydroponics is a great way to grow plants because you’re able to grow your plants indoors and all year-round. These aren’t only the reason why people are turning to hydroponics, other reasons are that you don’t have to weed, you save money on water, fruit and vegetables taste better and the plants grow a lot faster and bigger when grown hydroponically.

For people who don’t know anything about hydroponics and want to start up in the hydroponic world, then it is important that you follow some key expert tips for beginners for example:

  • First thing is first, you need to find the perfect place to set up your hydroponic equipment. This place needs to have easy access to electricity and to be a big enough space so people can move around easily without tripping over anything.
  • You will need to establish what size the tents are you’re picking, this is because you need the right size lamp, because if the lamp is too small for the tent the plants won’t grow as efficiently.
  • Make sure that you pick a good hydroponic company to get your equipment and nutrients from, this is because the last thing you want is to be spending money on equipment which is at a poor quality.
  • Consider purchasing a grow tent kit, this is perfect for beginners because you’re able to get everything you need to get up and running.
  • Don’t feel like you can ask anyone for advice, there are many hydroponic experts who would be happy to help you, not only this but there are plenty of tips online and books to read which will further your knowledge and help you.
  • It is essential to always check on the equipment you purchase, make sure that the equipment is good quality, and when setting it up always follow the instructions in order for it to work properly.

So what are the most common things people grow hydroponically? Well here is a list of things which you can grow:

  1. Lettuce – Everybody needs lettuce in their life and with hydroponics the lettuce head grows fast and they’re one of the easiest vegetables to grow
  2. Cucumbers – These are simple to grow and also taste remarkably better grown hydroponically because you don’t have that ‘Earth’ taste
  3. Strawberries – Grow strawberries are year-round with hydroponics
  4. Chives – These taste amazing and are quick to grow