Keeping Your Home Safe in Five Ways

Are you wanting to protect your home? Fed up of dreading the ‘what if’. Many people dread the winter months when it is dark outside and burglars can easily hide. However, it is important to realise that your home can be burgled at any time during the year. For example, in Summer when you’re jetting off on holiday, people can easily come in and steal from you. That is why it is so important to make sure you have all the safety procedures already in place, to guarantee your safety all year-round.

Now I bet you’re thinking well what exactly can I do to make my house more secure, which inevitably won’t cost be a great deal, well that is why we’re here. We’re going to enlighten you on some key tricks on how to keep your home secure.

The Top Five Way to Keep Your Home Secure

Doors and Windows

Now it might seem like common sense, however many people do forget to actually lock their doors and windows when they’re out of the house. Windows are where burglars most commonly through this is because they’re so easy forgotten about, we advise people to when leaving a room check in the window is open and always close it – because this simply just invites them in.


Lighting is so simply but yet so incredibly affective. Whether it is inside or outside, a light can deter a burglar from entering your property. So what exactly do you need to know about lighting? Well inside lighting is useful as you can set it on a timer, whether you’re asleep or out the timer will be one, and also saves money on electricity. It is up to you when you choose to set the timer, but by doing this simple thing can stop burglars from entering due to them thinking there is someone up and about. Now to outdoor lighting, similar this is a timer, or a flash on/off light. For example, if a burglar walks towards your property the light will indicate that there is someone there and will therefore move away from the property. A perfect cheap way to ensure the safety of your home


Love them or hate them, neighbours can be so incredibly useful. This is because when you’re away then can keep your home safe. For example, they can keep an eye out for any weird things which may be occurring, not only this by giving them a key they can check the inside of your home to ensure that everything is OK. Now burglars look for signs like fliers left on a doorstep, this indicates to them that you’re away. Now a neighbour can remove them so nobody will know that you aren’t in your home.

Safety Deposit Box

It is important to think about the ‘what ifs’ to a certain extent. That is why we have given you a safety deposit box to think about. This way if someone did break and enter your home your precious belonging can be safe and out of harm’s way. For example, money, jewellery or any important papers you wish to keep safe.

Social Media

Social media, however fun it maybe, it can be incredibly dangerous. Many people inform their friends and family when they’re out of the house or on holiday. But we strongly advise you not to do this. Why? Well because it tells would-be thieves that you are out of your home which could encourage them to break-in. Be careful and choose your words wisely.