Everything to Know About Shooting

If you’re interested in joining a new sport and that new sport is shooting then you’re in luck. Why is this? Well in this blog we will be detailing everything you need to know about shooting, covering benefits and laws. But firstly, if you’re to start shooting, what types of shooting can you expect? Hunting is probably one of the most popular types of shooting there is, followed by clay pigeon shooting, airsoft and bb gun games.

So what benefits are there to expect?

  • Shooting in general has been said to improve people focus but also increase arm strength.
  • Another huge benefits of shooting are that it has been said to improve eyesight, improve hand-eye coordination as well as a great break for the computer and mobile screen at work and home.
  • Stamina will become a lot better.
  • Shooting has also been found to increase mental and physical discipline, as it has been found to be a 90% mental sport when comparing to other types of sports.
  • You’re able to have fun and get fit with likeminded people and also family and friends who’re fond of the sport as well.
  • It can help people de-stress from their everyday life and focus on something else.

Now turning to what laws to know when starting in the shooting community…

  • Children who’re under the age of fourteen must be supervised by someone who is twenty-one or over. When shooting they can only shoot in private premises and have permission to do so.
  • People aged between fourteen and seventeen can only borrow an air rifle, they’re also only able to shoot on private premises when have permission to do so.
  • For people who’re carrying a gun under the age of twenty-one in a public area, they have to be supervised and also have a valid reason for carrying the gun.

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. It is also important that people should make sure to get their gun fitted to ensure that they can shoot to the best of their ability and make full use out of their gun and equipment.

Therefore, research the type of shooting sport you want to go into. Research the best companies to purchase from. Find out all laws and rules needed. And simply just have fun!